Celia Falchi

I’m a registered psychologist, a full member of the New Zealand Psychological Society, and an accredited service provider for ACC. I’m trained in EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing) therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, solution focused therapy and emotionally focused therapy.

I specialise in helping people to process and recover from traumatic events in their lives. I also specalise in:

  • assessing autism in adults and youth, and
  • working with autistic individuals to help them navigate their way in a neurotypical world.

I help them to interpret and deal with issues when they arise, with a view to promoting success in everyday environments such as school, work, and relationships.

I also have 11 years experience working with families with parenting and child behaviour.


I help people with

a broad range of issues

I work with a wide range of people of various ages. I help:

  • people who have experienced trauma (including childhood abuse, grief, and any other distressing life events)
  • adults and youth with autism diagnoses
  • parents with coping with and managing their children’s behaviours when those children have ADHD, autism, trauma, anxiety or depression
  • people with motor stereotypies disorder, with a view to symptom reduction
  • people with stress, anxiety, depression and related conditions.


  • BA (Hons) in psychology
  • Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology – Massey University
  • Postgraduate Diploma of Psychological Practice – Massey University
  • Member of the New Zealand Psychological Society
  • Member of the Australasian Association for Solution Focused Brief Therapy
  • Member of the New Zealand Emotionally Focused Therapy Community Incorporated
  • Member of NZ EMDR Association


    Qualifications and memberships

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